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All-Star starters

Just saw on Cold Pizza that Mark Buehrle and Chris Carpenter will start the All-Star game. With Halladay out, Buehrle is the right choice. Carpenter on the other hand...

Chris Carpenter is really very good. He is tremendous in fact. In most years his numbers would warrant an All-Star start. But Roger Clemens is 7-3 with a 1.48 ERA. His road ERA is 0.20. 0.20. Read that again: 0.20. You wanna know who has scored off of Clemens on the road this year? Here's the entire list: Preston Wilson. He hit a solo home run off of him at Coors Field. So my God, it only kind of exists in the plane of reality.

I am not trying to slag Carpenter. But Clemens is unreal. And oh yeah, he's 42 freaking years old. His mid-life crisis consists of completely dominating major league hitters.

I hate to care about who starts the All-Star game because it doesn't really mean anything in the long run, but how it's possible to pick Carpenter over Clemens is mind-boggling.