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Roberts article from Dan Wetzel

Nice little "expose him to the national audience" article from Dan Wetzel at Yahoo here. Nothing you don't already know, but there it is.

And a guy who - when AL manager Terry Francona of the Boston Red Sox explained that his guy, Damon, would be batting leadoff and not Roberts - told Francona he wouldn't have stood for any other decision.

"I have a ton of a respect for, well, he tells me not to call him Mr. Francona, but Mr. Francona, for him to feel he had to do that is more than he should have," said Roberts, who will bat ninth. "Johnny has been around a long time. He's way more deserving. I'm in the lineup; that's all I care about.

"I told [Francona] if I had seen a [lineup card that had Roberts leading off] I would have told him to change it."

Said Francona: "He's an awesome kid."