Bedard rehab start details - he looked GOOD

5 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 9 Ks. Hit 97 on the radar gun more than once, hit 98 once, usually between 94-96, even 4-5 pitches in a row. Curve dropped nasty to R hitters.

Sun story is up at,1,85138.story?coll=bal-sports-headlines
As for the "small crowd" comment, it's low Single-A people! There were at least 2,500 there at least on a All-Star Game night! And the local paper didn't even put Bedard on the front page today - they put it on page 3! Not sure what they were thinking there.

Here are my impressions:

1st inning: I was standing ion line to get tickets - Shorebords only had 3 ticket takers working. Not very good planning. I saw the last strike thrown to the last batter. 0 ER, 0 H, 1 K

birds score 1
single, passed ball, runner to 2nd, consistently throwing 96,
fielded postion ok on ball to 1st (covered fine, runner to 3rd), k, 3-0 to batter, runner out trying to steal home!

3rd inning
1st pitch - 94 for strike, 0-2, ball, curve was hit (cf didn't charge - crowd booed)
man on 1st - still throwing 96, 3-2 on 2nd batter,  fly to cf, 1 out, curve for 1st strike, 2nd curve for strike, 0-2, 98 for K, 2 out, nasty change 84 for strike, 96 for ball , curve for strike, 97 for K (2 K in inning)

94 for ball, 98 hit to 1st for out - no need to cover
curve drops well inside to R hitters, 1-2, 97 lined well to cf for single, curve from stretch dipped well, fly to cf for 2 outs, curve for strike dropped, steal 2nd, 97 for K
birds score 2     3-0

no sign of knee problem
94 for ball - 96  for ball - 95 for strike - 96  for ball - looks wild - 96 for strike - 97 for K -  7k's - 96 for strike - 93 for  ball - curve outside (L batter) - 96 for strike - 96 for ball  - 96 crushed foul - walk (2nd) - 98 for  strike  - curve  for ball - 96 fouled - curve for K (8)- 94  fouled   - 96 for  strike- curve neide (r batter) - confer with c (2nd time tonight) 97 for 9 th K

5 IP, 0ER, 3 H, 9K, 2 BB, 2 passed balls, 1 put-out
lex starter - 12 k's in 6 IP

Didn't seem like a generous strike zone. Both starters pitched OK through 5, LEX starter gave up 1 through 6. LEX bullpen fell apart, Birds ended up with a 7-0 when my son and I left.

Anyway, long story short, Bedard looked good. Only one batter (1st of 5th inning) did he look like he was losing control, quickly regained it. Curve dipped too much for a ball if anything. Not much left up in the zone. Fastball had some movement. Hard to gauge against Low-A batters, but from what i saw, he looked as good as he did when he left. N o sign of discomfort, covered his position, and looked in command. Being in Salisbury may have helped - he helped win the SAL title for Delmarva in 2000 and seemed comfrotable in the surroundings, according to news reports..

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