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Arsonist-R DFA'd; Grimsley back

Jason Grimsley has been activated from the 60-day DL well ahead of schedule from Tommy John surgery, and to make room on the roster, Steve Reed has been designated for assignment.

Oh the memories we'll have of Steve Reed. Remember that time he got shelled by the Tigers, blowing the game for us? How about the same thing against the Yankees? Ah, Steve Reed, you truly were one of the great Orioles.

Chances are Reed will catch on somewhere. Proven relievers on the free market don't find themselves out of work, especially with the seller's market on relief pitching right now and everyone and their mom looking for bullpen help. Reed will be someone's cheap gamble. Frankly he was a nice enough guy in his short time here, so unless he ends up with a rival team I wish him nothing but luck.

I know some of you are optimistic about Grimsley but I'm sorry, I can't get excited about him. He's never had a great season, really, and his prime is in the past. He will probably be better than Reed. There's a chance he'll be as good as Julio. Further than that is very optimistic, I believe. He was still a bad and unnecessary acquisition last summer, but oh well, he's here. I hope he's great and I'm way wrong.