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More on the departed Steve Reed

From the Sun:

The Orioles informed Reed of the roster move before yesterday's 2 p.m. workout. He left the clubhouse before reporters were allowed inside.

"We had a good chat," Orioles manager Lee Mazzilli said. "He brought a lot to the team. I think, personally, he's a little disappointed with his performance, which shows me a lot when someone says that. But he brought a lot to the table with our bullpen and our young guys. It was a tough decision. You've got to decide which way you want to go."

Mazzilli said Reed didn't ask for an explanation. "There were no 'whys.' He handled it like a true professional," Mazzilli said.


 "He had trouble getting the ball down. We talked about it and worked on it all the time," pitching coach Ray Miller said. "The ball was always from the belt to the top of the thigh, instead of the top of the thigh to the knees."

"He was very professional about it," Miller said. "I'm sure he'll end up with some National League club."

As I suspected and believed, a nice man. It's too bad it didn't work out, but I'm glad the team showed enough initiative to end the problem before it got any worse, or at least before it more than obviously wasn't going to get better.