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This from the Washington Post

The Baltimore Orioles, 3-2 winners over the Minnesota Twins, were a team on the eve of a drastic makeover with the acquisition of Florida Marlins pitcher A.J. Burnett and infielder Mike Lowell likely to be finalized Tuesday, according to several baseball sources. The Orioles will send outfielder Larry Bigbie, pitcher Hayden Penn and relievers Jorge Julio, Steve Reed and Steve Kline to the Marlins. Baltimore also will receive minor league outfielder Eric Reed.


As of late Monday night, according to several sources close to the Orioles, Baltimore had all but decided not to sign Burnett to a contract extension prior to making the deal. The Orioles hoped Burnett, a free agent after this season whose wife is from the Baltimore area, would sign a new contract after the trade was made.

"My preference would be to sign everyone to one-year contracts," Orioles Executive Vice President Jim Beattie said in general terms and not specifically about the impending trade. "But you have to do what you have to do to get players signed. Sometimes it's worth the risk."

Previously, agent Darek Braunecker, who represents Burnett, had said the pitcher would not negotiate during the season, but he softened his stance on Monday.

"If they were to present something to us that we could resolve quickly, I wouldn't say we wouldn't do that," Braunecker said.

Part of the reason the Orioles have decided to acquire Burnett without a new contract is so they could rid themselves of the salaries of Kline and Reed in the deal. If the Orioles can say they are only guaranteed of having Burnett for half a season, the Marlins take the two relievers off their hands as a way to sweeten the deal for Baltimore. Kline was signed to a two-year, $5.6 million deal in the offseason. Reed is making $900,000 on a one-year deal.

Bigbie, Kline and Julio had all but conceded they would be traded. Bigbie and Julio joked about needing to buy sunscreen to protect themselves from the Florida sun. Kline began to say goodbye to reporters. Bigbie, who conspicuously was not in the lineup Monday, admitted, while it pained him to leave, perhaps the trade would mean a better opportunity for him with the Marlins.

Well, it looks about 95% or so that we're getting AJ Burnett. Who we get with him and what we give up is still up in the air.