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Latest on Burnett, again

Well, did that loss suck enough? How about this to brighten your spirits!

The Orioles remain in talks with Florida on a potential trade for right- handed pitcher A.J. Burnett, but the deal could be in jeopardy because of the Orioles' unwillingness to absorb most of the contract of Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell, according to industry sources.

One industry source even maintained that the six-player deal, which would send Orioles pitching prospect Hayden Penn, outfielder Larry Bigbie and reliever Jorge Julio to the Marlins for Burnett, Lowell and a minor league outfielder, may have reached a breaking point, but that was refuted by a high-ranking Orioles official, who said the teams are "still in negotiations."


After negotiating exclusively with the Orioles about Burnett the past few days, Florida is believed to be ready to listen to offers from other teams for the 28-year-old right-hander. The Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox reportedly are interested in Burnett.

What I see happening: Boston takes Burnett and eats Lowell's salary, deals Mueller knowing they have Youkilis if Lowell continues to suck, and we're left here like chumps. If that happens, well...

If the deal falls through, the Orioles could look elsewhere for a cheaper alternative. Dodgers right-hander Jeff Weaver could be one of those options.

Now I believe I have mentioned my irrational love for Jeff Weaver before, but that's a step down. Although I wouldn't count him out, because Ray Miller has turned Bruce Chen into an effective starter. Maybe he could work some magic on The Weave. But still, it's a big step down.