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Burnett Report: Quality Start in Arizona

AJ Burnett went six innings last night, with six hits, six strikeouts, and three earned runs, gaining his sixth win to match his six losses, and his ERA is now three point six-eight.

What was the score? Six to three.

Six from Blossom.

Nikki Sixx.

Mike Lowell was 1-for-4 with an RBI. He's now hitting .302/.351/.453 for July. He's gotten better every month this season, though this is the only one that's not been terrible.

Make the damn trade.

Edit: Jayson Stark on Mike & Mike just said the Marlins have told the Orioles they will not pay half or more of the remaining $21 million on Lowell's contract. How about a third? $7 million seems reasonable and livable. This trade has just got to get done. The Orioles need to take off their poor person's mask and reveal that we, in fact, can take on salary. It won't shock some of us as much as they'd think. I'm tired of this song-and-dance pretending we're a hapless small market club. Other teams compete on budgets that make us look like the Yankees. Don't lose this deal and a chance at the postseason (which is only good for business long-term) just to continue the facade.