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Sox/Twins/Marlins rumor

From KFFL:

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Minneapolis Star-Tribune are both reporting a three-way deal among the Minnesota Twins, Florida Marlins and Boston Red Sox was scuttled on July 20. In the deal, the Twins would have gotten Red Sox 3B Bill Mueller and prospects for sending SP Joe Mays to the Marlins and RP J.C. Romero to the Red Sox. Boston would have picked up SP A.J. Burnett and 3B Mike Lowell from the Marlins, and Florida would have gotten SP Bronson Arroyo from Boston. Twins officials denied that such a deal had been in the works.

How annoying would that be, to have our deal taken not only by the Red Sox but the team that just walked on our heads?

To be an unbiased type for a moment, though, the trade makes sense. The Marlins get two starters in Arroyo and Mays and rid of Lowell's salary; the Red Sox get the lefty reliever they need with Embree gone, plus Burnett and Lowell's contract; and the Twins get a steady third baseman and prospects, which works for them.

Everything about that rumor makes sense for every team involved, and really makes you think. Our deal with Florida didn't make a lot of sense from Florida's end, because they were really getting a lot of mediocre junk plus a prospect in return for Burnett and Lowell's contract, and the three-way deal with Pittsburgh was pretty goofy as well. I mean come on. Daryle Ward?

To be honest, I don't know why Florida would take our bullheaded deal over this one. If this is true, chances are we've lost out here. Say hello to Jeff Weaver or Brett Tomko or Jason Johnson or Tom Glavine or whatever. This could be what it comes to. I can't help but feel really disappointed if it does.

According to ESPN's Rumor Mill (Insider req.), the Dodgers, Angels and Padres may now be showing interest.