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Rumor: Ponson to Rangers

Source: Ken Rosenthal

And we foot the bill. Fine with me. Paying him to get bombed in Arlington is better than paying him to be such a consistent problem for us.

Rosenthal notes that dealing Ponson could make it easier for us to acquire Burnett by adding Lowell, if we can get the Marlins to soften their stance on absorbing half of his contract. Given that Florida is having so much trouble unloading Lowell with Burnett, maybe some of our early panic about not just taking the deal was unfounded, and the Orioles will end up justified. As far as anyone has said, we've still had by far the most extended talks with Florida, and though they've talked to other teams, we still have the inside track.

If Ponson is dealt to Texas before we can get a deal done, I guess we'd be seeing John Maine back with the big club.