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Nevin Update

No deal yet, but his agent is chiming in on the no-trade clause:

"The Padres have not even asked our approval yet," agent Barry Axelrod told The Associated Press. "If they were to ask for our approval, for Phil to even consider it I'm sure there would have to be some discussion. He and/or I would want to talk with the Orioles and find out what his role would be there."


"Obviously, it's not going to happen without our approval," Axelrod said. "So obviously, it's not close to being done."


"It kind of goes back to what happened in the Cincinnati deal," Axelrod said. "Kevin had a deal made, then called and asked if Phil would accept it. I said, 'No way.' Phil's criteria has always been that he would like to play for a West Coast team. He wants to play for San Diego. He doesn't want to leave here. He's got a new home being built here.

"But if they've arrived at the conclusion that the profile of the team needs to change in some way, then we'll re-examine the circumstances when we're asked."

Trying to read between the lines, I think that sounds vaguely promising. All reports are that he's going to be told that if he wants to play, he'd be better off coming here, as the Padres want to get Xavier Nady in at first base and have acquired Joe Randa to play third, with Sean Burroughs sent to Triple-A. Nevin's role for us would probably be mostly DH and spelling Raffy at first, plus giving us a better option at 1B than Chris Gomez to sit Raffy against lefties, as Mazzilli is a wall in refusing to let Marrero do that job.