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Burnett Update from ESPN

A few days ago, the list of teams interested in Burnett was pretty big. Today, it's down to both Sox, Red and White. The White Sox are offering prospect starter Brandon McCarthy and lefty reliever Damaso Marte, and Boston is offering Bronson Arroyo and possibly pitching prospect Anibal Sanchez.

The deadline is Sunday and ESPN is calling Chicago and Boston "the two top suitors for Burnett." We appear to be out of this one, but Nevin will make up his mind sometime tomorrow (or maybe tonight) and we'll go from there.

Peter Gammons on ESPNews right now is reporting that Burnett will not do an extension with Chicago, but will with Boston, and that he "wouldn't be shocked" if Burnett just stays in Florida.

Either way, if you haven't already, it looks like you can count Burnett out.