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Another Ponson update

From Dallas

Rangers sources confirmed that GM John Hart had again checked in with the Orioles, but Baltimore apparently has little interest in dealing Ponson, owner of a 6.04 ERA, for struggling right fielder Richard Hidalgo.


Interestingly, Rangers owner Tom Hicks sat with Baltimore's Peter Angelos on Tuesday night. Both owners are heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of their clubs, so it's not unfathomable that Hicks would have tried to persuade Angelos to make the deal. A deal for a mid-level prospect could also be forged if the Rangers are willing to pick up more of Ponson's $10 million salary for 2006.

I am not at all a Hidalgo fan, so trading Ponson and more of his salary for a "prospect" instead of Ponson and less of it for two months of Hidalgo doesn't bother me in the least. Getting Ponson off the team is the agenda anyway, whatever we get back is whatever it is.