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Six games in one night

Game One: The Orioles dash out to a 5-0 lead in two innings. All is right with the world.

Game Two: The Rangers take a 6-5 lead as Bruce Chen gives up three homers in four hitters with two out and then Todd Williams allows the go-ahead run to score.

Game Three: Orioles tie it at 6-6 on a Melvin Mora single in the eighth.

Game Four: Rangers reclaim the lead, 8-6, on a Mark DeRosa double in the top of the ninth.

Game Five: Orioles tie it on Javy Lopez's two-run homer, but leave the bases loaded for the 738th time in three days, sending the game to extra innings.

Game Six: Gary Matthews Jr. continues his all-out assault on Orioles pitching with a three-run blast in the top of the 11th inning. Orioles can't come back, game over.

All of these things represented a great shift in the status of an Orioles fan's emotions. This was the most uplifting/awful/inspiring/deflating/inflating/crashing game of the year.

This was exhausting. We're now tied for third with Toronto.