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Gameday Thread: Rangers at O's, 07/28

     Ricardo Rodriguez, RH           Sidney Ponson, RH
     (2-2, 5.31)                     (7-9, 5.91)

     DH D Dellucci                   2B B Roberts
     SS M Young                      3B M Mora
     1B M Teixeira                   SS M Tejada
     3B H Blalock                    1B R Palmeiro
     2B A Soriano                    RF S Sosa
     CF G Matthews Jr.               DH J Lopez
     LF K Mench                      CF L Matos
     RF R Hidalgo                    LF D Newhan
     C  S Alomar Jr.                 C  S Fasano

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and FSN Southwest.

Rodriguez has been roughed up in his last two starts. On July 23 against the A's, he gave up five earned in 5.2 IP, allowing four homers. If anyone else had gotten on base for Swisher, Johnson, Payton or Chavez, that could've been a lot worse. On July 18 against the Yankees, he was absolutely bombed, as the Yankees dropped six earned on him in two and two-thirds. Of course Kevin Brown started for New York, so that one was an 11-10 Yankee win.

Ponson is our starting pitcher tonight.