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Gameday Thread: White Sox at O's, 07/30

     Jose Contreras, RH              Daniel Cabrera, RH
     (6-6, 4.36)                     (8-8, 4.67)

     LF S Podsednik                  2B B Roberts
     2B T Iguchi                     LF E Byrnes
     DH C Everett                    3B M Mora
     1B P Konerko                    SS M Tejada
     C  A Pierzynski                 1B R Palmeiro
     RF J Dye                        DH J Lopez
     CF A Rowand                     RF J Gibbons
     3B J Crede                      C  S Fasano
     SS J Uribe                      CF D Newhan

Game time is 1:15 on FOX.

Here we have a couple of starters that on the right day can be dominant, and on the wrong day can kill you. Last time out was some upsettingly vintage Cabrera, as he walked seven in five innings against Texas.

Both have shown improvement this season, although Cabrera's is more worthwhile as he's 24 and not "33". Still, Contreras has lowered his ERA by about a run and his WHIP is down, as he's not walking as many people and is giving up a few less hits. I am not and have never been a Contreras believer, but he's having a decent season.

This marks the second game in a row we'll face a Cuban defector.