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Manny trade still alive

Source: ESPN

New dynamic:

Red Sox get: CF Mike Cameron, RF/1B? Aubrey Huff, P Aaron Heilman, maybe OF prospect Lastings Milledge
Mets get: LF Manny Ramirez, RP Danys Baez, SS/2B Julio Lugo
Devil Rays get: four prospects (including Yusmeiro Petit for sure, and Hanley Ramirez if Milledge is involved in the deal)

According to the same article, the Blue Jays have made an "inquisitive call" about Ramirez. It seems impossible on the surface, but remember the Jays have been given a lot of money to play with over the next few years, and adding a marquee player would be quite a splashy move. Can you imagine Manny in a Jays uniform, though?