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You're all garbage! All of ya! Back up the truck! Back it up!

The Great Oriole Swoon of 2005 will go down in history unless they right the ship in a hurry. No Orioles team has ever been 14 games over .500 and under .500 in the same season until now. Somewhat expected or not, this has been a great and sustained collapse. It didn't just happen all at once. It keeps happening every game. They find another way to lose every time they try to win.

It has gotten so bad that at 6-4 O's, I stepped away from the game. As I prepared to get back to it, I said to myself, "8-6 White Sox." It was. And I wasn't even upset. I just knew they'd blown it somehow.

From here on out, they can pretty much surprise me by winning, because this team has become just another sad sack bunch of Oroyals.

And for God's sake, can we get BJ Surhoff off of this team?

And the Manny trade is now dead because the Sox backed off of dealing Hanley Ramirez to Tampa Bay.

Update: Manny Ramirez was pulled from the Red Sox lineup at the last minute. Who knows why, but that is unusual.