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Who is this "Eric Byrnes"?

First of all, the Providence Journal reports that the Rockies are now going to flip Bigbie to Boston for outfielder Adam Stern and catcher Kelly Shoppach. I guess Larry won't get to have any Coors-inflated seasons. Being an objective observer, Bigbie fits Boston pretty well as a short-term replacement for Nixon and a fourth/fifth outfielder the rest of the way. Better than Gabe Kapler probably, but they are similar players.

Now, if you're unfamiliar with Eric Byrnes, here's a quick update. He's a 6-2, 210-pound outfielder from Redwood City, California. He played his college ball at UCLA.

In 2004, he hit .283/.347/.467 with 20 homers and 17 steals for the A's. This season, he was hitting .266/.336/.474 with seven homers in 59 games for Oakland. In his fifteen games with the Rockies, he struggled mightily (.189/.283/.226).

Is he a better player than Bigbie? I dunno, they're pretty similar. Byrnes has more speed and is a lot more exciting to watch. He absolutely crushes left-handed pitching but he's a non-entity against northpaws. Bigbie wasn't really all that effective against either. And, as has been said, it simply didn't make sense to have three (weak) left-handed hitting outfielders on the team.

Byrnes is 29 and is not a long-term impact player. For that matter, he's not a short-term impact player. This is not a "Wow!" move. This is just a minor move that makes sense, at least in my mind. We got about as much as could be expected for Bigbie: another fourth outfielder. It's as likely that we're gaining a potential star as it is we're losing one; that is to say, not very likely.

And, as you can see, he has arms sculpted from magma, steel and thrown womens' undergarments.