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Gameday Thread: White Sox at O's, Deadline Sunday

     Freddy Garcia, RH               Rodrigo Lopez, RH
     (10-4, 3.76)                    (9-5, 4.37)

     LF T Perez                      2B B Roberts
     2B T Iguchi                     LF E Byrnes
     DH C Everett                    3B M Mora
     1B P Konerko                    SS M Tejada
     CF A Rowand                     1B R Palmeiro
     RF J Dye                        DH S Sosa
     3B J Crede                      C  J Lopez
     C  C Widger                     RF J Gibbons
     SS J Uribe                      CF D Newhan

Game time is 8:05 on ESPN.

Garcia is hot on the road, 6-0 with a 2.82 ERA in his last seven starts away from Chicago. For the season, he's 8-1 with a 2.72/1.01. Compare that to his awful home mark (2-3, 5.00/1.55, BAA 61 points higher there than on the road), and you can see that Freddy is definitely more at home in other teams' houses.

Lopez is great at home. So this should be a pitchers' duel by all accounts. Both teams will now score 10 runs.

Boy do we need Lopez to give us 7 or 8 strong tonight, though. Even 7 or 8 sort of strong would be good.