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Gameday Thread: Red Sox at O's, 07/07

     David Wells, LH                 Daniel Cabrera, RH
     (6-4, 5.04)                     (6-7, 5.07)

     SS A Cora                       2B B Roberts
     3B B Mueller                    3B M Mora
     DH D Ortiz                      SS M Tejada
     RF T Nixon                      1B R Palmeiro
     LF K Millar                     DH S Sosa
     1B J Olerud                     RF J Gibbons
     C  D Mirabelli                  CF L Matos
     CF A Stern                      LF E Marrero
     2B M Bellhorn                   C  S Fasano

Hell of a morning to say the least.

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and ESPN.

David Wells has given up more homers (11) than he has walks (10). That's unique. Boomer has also been really streaky this year, with an 8.44 ERA after two starts that got lowered to 3.51, then climbed up as high as 6.81 before coming down to 4.54, and now it's back up to 5.04 after three rocky starts at Cleveland and Philly and in Boston against the Jays.

Cabrera, on the other hand, has hovered in the fives most of the year, but he's threatening to get under that mark for the first time since after his May 14 start at Chicago. Last time he pitched, he gave us exactly what we needed: seven strong innings of shutout ball in a 4-0 win over Cleveland. Well, Danny, we need you again today. And again, it's a tall order against a team that can hit.

The big news in the AL East right now is that when Curt Schilling returns from his rehab assignment in Pawtucket, it will be as a member of the Red Sox bullpen. He's going to make his first relief appearance for the PawSox today, in fact, and then a couple more and take it from there with the big club. No matter what you think of Schilling or the Red Sox, there are not a whole lot of veteran ace starters making $12 million that would do that to help their team.