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New Poll: Sammy Sosa's homer total

New poll is up and I want to hear some thoughts on the subject too. We all know Sammy Sosa's troubles this season, but to me, most alarming is his complete power disappearance. With just nine homers and a .396 slugging percentage, Sammy has been pretty much completely ineffective this season. Anyone could have expected a low BA/OBP (and I don't even think .230/.300 would have shocked anyone), but I think we did expect some homers.

It's an over/under question, and ignoring the potential for injury and all this that would keep him from achieving it the rest of the season. I set the number at 25 home runs because I think that might be high-end for Sosa. Assuming he stays stuck on nine until the break, it would mean a 16-homer second half to reach the goal, which is hardly undoable.

Personally, I can find no reason to be optimistic about Sosa right now, so I say he won't get there. I'm even skeptical about 20. Hell, the way he's swinging, six more to reach 15 might be asking a lot.

But I want to hear your opinion too. Can Sammy reach 25?