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Going quietly into the night, vanishing without a fight, etc.

                W    L    Pct   GB
Boston         49   36   .576   --
New York       45   39   .536  3.5
Baltimore      45   40   .529  4.0
Toronto        44   42   .512  5.5
Tampa Bay      27   60   .310 23.0

I know some of you are ready to just give up, and hell, I can't blame you. This organization hasn't given you many good reasons to keep your hopes up during a slide like this. As for me, I'll uh...I'll wait until we're 10 back before I call down the thunder. And oh man are they building up thunder to call down.

As for now, we can still get to within two of first before the break. Speaking of the break, I'm going to do a mid-season breakdown similar to that seen at Athletics Nation on Monday, and hell, if you wanna talk about the All-Star game on Tuesday, a game thread will go up just for kicks.