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Things That Didn't Happen

Ken Rosenthal has an article that highlights mostly the things that didn't happen at the deadline, the most interesting of which is that the Braves offered a package of Marcus Giles, Jorge Sosa and a prospect for Alfonso Soriano and Kevin Mench. Notably from our end:

The Yankees, Orioles and Padres were among the teams that made unsuccessful attempts to acquire Indians RHP Kevin Millwood. The Indians wanted a young pitcher who could help them in the following season and prevent the need for them to sign a free agent. The Yankees didn't have that pitcher--the Indians apparently weren't sold on Henn as a starter--and the Orioles wouldn't part with RHP Hayden Penn or RHP Chris Ray.

I like Millwood, and he's been damn good for the Indians this year and gotten almost zero run support for his efforts. I wish we had gotten Millwood in the offseason for cheap. He'd have provided a steady arm. However, we didn't, and Millwood isn't worth Penn or Ray, especially as his deal runs only through this season.

So I think that's a plus on the pass. Millwood may have helped this team, but we're not talking about a stud here, just a solid veteran pitcher having a good year.

I'd also recommend, for annoying purposes, the usual John Donovan piece of crap where he compares Adam Dunn to Mark Redman.