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A question regarding Palmeiro's situation

And other things like it, I suppose.

This is a serious question, because I'm curious as I do not really share the same feelings. And I'm also not saying it makes me or you better or worse for being one way or the other.

Why do people feel as though professional athletes owe them more class and dignity than a janitor or a guy that paints lines in the street or delivers mail or works at a bank or a doctor or whatever? Because they make a lot of money? Because they're public figures?

I don't mean to spark a giant debate about the merits of making celebrities or athletes out to be more than human beings, because it's not as though we're going to reach a global understanding to not. I'm just curious. What is it that makes you do this, or makes you not?

For me, personally, I just don't think, in this situation, Rafael Palmeiro "owes" me anything. I think the situation is bad for him and for baseball and maybe to some extent the Baltimore Orioles. But I don't feel betrayed. I am a fan of the game of baseball and of certain players, and I'm not a fan of other players for many reasons. But I think there's probably some difference in me thinking Kevin Brown is a jerk and someone taking the Palmeiro thing so personally.

So, what is it? People sometimes cite players being at fault for their "God" complexes and things of that nature, but is that not also the fault of the people that raise them to that level?

Why has Kenny Rogers disgraced the game of baseball because he has an anger management problem? Why has Palmeiro disgraced the game of baseball because he's been caught using banned substances? Aren't these things that are more of a problem for the individual? And there have been jerks, cheaters, liars, bigots, and all-around assholes throughout the history of the game. Should Ty Cobb be removed from the Hall of Fame? Should however many other people?

I'm not wanting this to be point-counterpoint necessarily. I'm just interested to hear your opinions on the matter. Is it simply a morals thing, or is it something more? And remember, I'm not saying I completely disagree with you about anything. I just want to hear what you think.

And at the same time, use this thread to vent about things like this if you want to.