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Palmeiro may not play tonight

Sam Perlozzo said Raffy sat out yesterday because he needs time to get back. He was expected to play tonight, but now it doesn't look like that's happening.

Asked if he was disappointed to watch from the bench, Palmeiro replied, "I haven't done anything in 10 days so I'll need a couple days to get back into it."

Rafael Palmeiro has been playing baseball at the major league level for 20 years. He needs a couple of days to get back from 10 days off? Players go on the DL all the time and when they're ready to return, they do. Sometimes they get a rehab assignment, sure, but Palmeiro obviously is not recovering from an injury. I just tend to think that if they wanted him in the lineup, and/or he was really gung ho about being in it, he'd be there.

Furthering all the Palmeiro gossip a day longer here and a day longer there is completely non-beneficial to everyone. Let the boos or cheers happen, because a couple days isn't going to help a 20-year veteran get his timing down, and a couple days isn't going to temper the reactions of the fans either.

Get him in the batter's box, get him on the field, and get it over with.