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Gameday Thread: Jays at O's, 08/12

     Josh Towers, RH                 Daniel Cabrera, RH
     (8-9, 4.53)                     (8-10, 5.03)

     SS R Adams                      2B B Roberts
     LF F Catalanotto                LF E Byrnes
     CF V Wells                      3B M Mora
     1B S Hillenbrand                SS M Tejada
     3B C Koskie                     DH J Lopez
     C  G Zaun                       RF S Sosa
     RF A Rios                       1B J Gibbons
     DH E Hinske                     CF D Newhan
     2B O Hudson                     C  S Fasano

Game time is 7:35 on CSN and RSN.

This is what they call a "winning streak."

To be cliche, "He is his own worst enemy," pretty much sums up Daniel Cabrera. You really couldn't ask for a more different matchup of two starting pitchers. Towers doesn't walk anyone (1.47 BB/9) and his strikeouts are up (5.33 K/9) from last season (3.95). He's never going to be even a third starter, probably, but for a back-end starter, you can do worse than a reliable control pitcher.