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Gameday Thread: Jays at O's, 08/13

     David Bush, RH                  John Maine, RH
     (2-5, 4.94)                     (0-0, ----)

Game time is 4:35 on WNUV and RSN.

Bush was just starting to get some rhythm in late May when he was injured and shelves for two months. He came back throwing well, but was ripped up by the Tigers his last start. Last time he faced the O's (April 23), he went eight and gave up just five hits and one run (in the first inning on a Brian Bob leadoff homer), but took the loss because the Jays didn't score until the bottom of the ninth, and by then the O's had put up another three runs off of Miguel Batista.

This is John Maine's first start of the season, something I'd been hoping to see since about three starts into the Hayden Penn experiment. I don't expect much; the Jays are a good hitting team and they pretty well own the Orioles right now (6-2 after an Orioles sweep in Toronto in April). Toronto has probably been the most ignored team in baseball this year.