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The drive for .500

With a 7-6 loss today, the O's fall to 57-60. I think at this point .500 (or a couple games over) is the best we're going to do, and at the start of the season I thought that was the best they could do anyway, so I've taken stock of the situation and decided to just live with the whole, and not dwell on how it all fell apart. (That's a lie, but it's good advice!)

The Orioles will have to finish their schedule three games over .500 just to reach the even mark, obviously. Here's what's coming:

3 @ OAK
3 @ CLE
3 v LAA
4 v OAK
3 @ TOR
3 @ BOS
3 v TOR
3 @ SEA
3 @ TEX
3 v TAM
4 @ NYY
3 v BOS
3 v NYY
3 @ TAM

That is a brutal schedule. The upcoming A's and Indians series come at horrible times, with both of those teams playing well (Cleveland has lost three straight, but were on fire). Basically, every series we play from here on out except Seattle, Tampa Bay and Texas is against a team fighting to make the playoffs, even Toronto because a hot streak can make a world of difference for a team like them right now.

I think .500 is going to be very, very hard to accomplish. The O's are playing out the string; it's not nice to think of your team going through the motions, I guess, but it's realistic. They're not going to play with the same motivation many of their opponents will be. It's been ugly for a while, but it could actually get worse. I wouldn't expect it to, really, but there's a chance. The O's, just to reach .500 for the first time in almost a decade, will have to play some good baseball.

I think there's a good chance this team could finish ten games under .500. That's a little upsetting, but that's what happens when you collapse.