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Gameday Thread: O's at A's, 08/15

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH               Barry Zito, LH
     (11-6, 4.77)                    (11-8, 3.62)

Game time is 10:05 on CSN (according to the Sun but not Yahoo) and FSN Bay Area.

We kicked off the season at home with the A's, winning the first one and losing the next two. Since then, the A's have gotten a hair better than they were. Just a little bit.

Since June 22, Zito has given up more than three runs one time, and that was over seven innings (five runs) in a win against the Tigers on July 30. But basically Zito has been in a zone since a rough April, where he was 0-4 with a 6.60 ERA. He was the starter on Opening Day, and he faced...

Rodrigo Lopez, who has had a bit less to be happy about the majority of the time since that win. Lopez has been up and down all year, and I'm to the point where I, personally, wouldn't see Lopez as a lock for the rotation next year. There has to be someone better you can get, you know? Why accept mediocrity? Oh, who am I kidding, we're the Orioles.

I'm an admirer of Oakland if not an Oakland fan. I root for them to do well because I like the way their ship is run. That said, I hope we sweep. Network Associates Coliseum is my favorite park to play in on MVP Baseball. Doubles in the gap all day long.