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Gameday Thread: O's at A's, get out the brooms

     Daniel Cabrera, RH              Danny Haren, RH
     (8-11, 5.00)                    (10-8, 3.90)

Edit: Cabrera was a last-minute scratch.

     Eric DuBose, LH                 Danny Haren, RH
     (0-0, 27.00)                    (10-8, 3.90)

     2B B Roberts                    DH J Kendall
     LF E Byrnes                     CF M Kotsay
     3B M Mora                       SS B Crosby
     SS M Tejada                     3B E Chavez
     DH J Lopez                      RF B Kielty
     1B J Gibbons                    1B D Johnson
     CF L Matos                      LF J Payton
     RF D Newhan                     2B M Ellis
     C  S Fasano                     C  A Melhuse
Game time is 3:35 on CSN.

Cabrera desperately needs a good start, and it'd be a good time for it, too. He could help lead us to a sweep in Oakland, which would just be a nice thing at this point. After today, go A's, because I don't want to watch the Yankees in October.

I like Haren and he's been good this year, on fire his last three outings, lowering his ERA from 4.36 to 3.90. He's got decent strikeout numbers, a good WHIP (1.25) and he's only 24. I liked the Mulder trade when the A's made it and it's turned out to be a bargain, especially considering Haren's cost and age. He is a superior pitcher to Mulder in every way, and he didn't go to Michigan State. (For the record, he's a Pepperdine alum.)