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More on Palmeiro

Source: Chicago Tribune (thanks to thecubsfan for the link)

It's pretty hard, reading this, to feel anything but disdain for Palmeiro and his pleas for forgiveness. If there is weight to this, and there likely is, then Palmeiro is flat-out lying.

Palmeiro, who had volunteered to serve on Congress' "Zero Tolerance" task force after the March 17 appearance in Washington, claims he unknowingly took a banned substance. However, a highly placed MLB source told the Tribune that Palmeiro tested positive for a "serious" steroid that could not have been ingested accidentally.

"There's no way to get around this," the source said. "This wasn't a little mistake, and as Mr. Palmeiro found out, there are no exceptions in our program. If you are found out, you will pay the price."

Palmeiro would not explain how he came to test positive. He seemingly tried to leave the impression that the banned substance was contained in a supplement that was not prescribed.

Palmeiro, according to the MLB source, has known about the positive test for "three weeks to a month."


Palmeiro said his teammates didn't learn of his suspension until Monday morning.

This is painting a whole new picture of Rafael Palmeiro. I'd love to believe him, but there doesn't seem to be much in his favor right now.