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I found this to be interesting. has linked us as something of a lead story in the LiveWeb section of their front page. Just in case it's gone by the time you can see it (as if you care, this is just me being happy that the site is getting around), here's a capture.

(Yes, yes, I left Jessica Simpson in there for the obvious reasons.)

Hopefully the publicity will lead to some more traffic and more users. The site has been rising traffic-wise pretty consistently for a few weeks now. It's unfortunate that the Palmeiro situation has led to it, but I guess this is a personal positive from the situation. The more people we get talking here, the better it'll be.

Edit: That link must have just gone up, because all of a sudden hits are coming from there like crazy. If you register for an account, welcome. We've got a game going on tonight and there's plenty of other things to talk about too. Feel free to post a diary, which is our way of giving you a blog within the blog. Take a look around, get a feel for the site, and jump in.