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Gameday Thread: Angels at O's, 08/23

     Jarrod Washburn, LH            Eric DuBose, LH
     (6-7, 3.38)                    (1-0, 5.19)

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and KCAL.

DuBose is basically being used as a swingman, which is probably his destiny at this point. Here's hoping he pitches well down the stretch. I'm not entirely against the idea of DuBose on the roster as a long reliever and spot starter.

Washburn has had an interesting year. His WHIP and BAA are up and his ERA way down from the past two seasons after his fantastic 2002. In 2003 he had a 4.43/1.25/.256 line; 2004 was 4.64/1.33/.269. This year, he's 3.38/1.40/.284. Go figure.

The O's can still play the role of spoiler the rest of the year in their quest to finish over .500 for the first time since '97. At least we can muck up someone else's chances still.