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Gameday Thread: Angels at O's, 08/24

     Bartolo Colon, RH              Erik Bedard, LH
     (16-6, 3.46)                   (6-4, 3.12)

Game time is 7:05 on CSN and FSN West.

Colon was strange his last time against the O's, going seven with one earned and seven strikeouts with no walks, but scattering 10 hits. That was a frustrating game. He dominated - kind of.

Is this Colon's best season ever? Maybe. Either this or 2002 probably. I don't understand how his K-rate basically fell off the map after 2000, but it did and it hasn't killed him. At any rate, he's the guy the Angels paid for instead of the guy with the 5.01 ERA from 2004.

Erik Bedard is scuffling along, doing his thing. How he finishes is pretty important, but either way it's been a breakout year for him. I don't like him against the Angels tonight, but then I don't like the Orioles against a team of grandmothers right now.