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The Orioles can't hit. Roberts can't hit, Mora can't hit, Palmeiro can't hit, Sosa can't hit, Byrnes can't hit, Javy can't hit, Gibbons can't hit, Surhoff can't hit, the Oriole Bird can't hit. Luis Matos can hit singles. Tejada hits sometimes. Luis Matos is like my favorite player right now. He's the only guy on the team whose at-bats I'm not dreading right now.

It seems like every year I get to the point where I'm just fed up with watching the Orioles flail about uselessly. That's possibly why I was so easily suckered early in the year. Things were good for once. Now they're back to normal. Yeah, they've been slumping for a while, but during that I said, in the back of my mind, that they'd get out of it and they could still finish well. The team seems to have other plans.

Bedard's control was all over the place last night. He's pitching more and more like the 2004 Bedard, and that troubles me.

I've had it. Again. And I don't consider this being a bad fan or anything. I'm still on board. I want them to win every day. But man, it wears on any fan, doesn't it?

Bottom line: We stink.

If you want to vent about how bad this team is, have at. I mean it, get it out. No optimism here. No "yeah, but..." Save that for later. Just get it off your chest.