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Gameday Thread: O's at Jays, 08/31

     Bruce Chen, LH                 Gustavo Chacin, LH
     (10-8, 3.95)                   (11-7, 3.62)

Game time is 7:07 on CSN and RSN.

Rafael Palmeiro was supposedly not going to start anymore, so Perlozzo put him (and his earplugs) in to go 0-for-4. If you have to make such a spectacle of yourself getting booed as to put earplugs in, I don't know what kind of professional athlete you are.

I was out last night because Orioles baseball is definitely must-miss right now. On the way back, a friend of mine used his phone to look up the scores from the day, and asked if I wanted to know the O's score. I said no. Then I asked if they'd lost by five. They had.

This is the end of August, which means we've only got a month and some loose change left to go in this debacle. Maybe the Orioles will finish strong, maybe they'll finish 15 under .500. I'm interested to see how the dominoes start falling, and I'm pretty sure they will, because as we're learning, Angelos is treating losing as something that's not acceptable while fielding losing teams. Kind of a backwards way of going about it.

This team is really just wearing on me at this point.