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Gameday Thread: O's at Angels, 08/04

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH               Ervin Santana
     (9-6, 4.85)                     (6-4, 5.19)

     2B B Roberts                    3B C Figgins
     LF E Byrnes                     SS O Cabrera
     3B M Mora                       1B D Erstad
     SS M Tejada                     RF V Guerrero
     C  J Lopez                      LF G Anderson
     DH S Sosa                       DH J Rivera
     1B B Surhoff                    CF S Finley
     RF J Gibbons                    C  B Molina
     CF L Matos                      2B A Kennedy

Game time is 4:05 on FSN West. The Sun says there's no Baltimore TV. Most will be spared!

Santana hasn't been any good, really, but he's had his days, including a complete game shutout on May 23 against the White Sox. He's been sort of back-and-forth, but for a 22-year old rookie, he can certainly be worse.

Rodrigo Lopez has some serious bunk to make up for after that last start of his. Good grief.

Playing out the string is the pits. New lineup yesterday had Tejada-Javy-Mora in the 3-4-5. I don't know what that solves, but whatever.