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The Orioles win a game! The Orioles win a game!

I put no stock into Perlozzo turning the team around in a matter of hours. They DID have to win sometime. So I will hold my applause.

One thing I did like seeing is that Perlozzo was active in the dugout, standing and moving, as if he cared what was happening. Mazzilli, as we all know, was a sitter, like Torre. Sometimes he had his hands down his pants. Sometimes he'd eat sunflower seeds. Sometimes he put his right leg up on the bench and sat there with his crotch on display. These are the things that annoy you about a person over time, I guess, but seeing Perlozzo look like he was awake was a nice change of pace. I'm not saying any of that stuff made Mazzilli a worse manager, and if we had been winning then he could sit however he damn well pleased and I'd be like, "That's a good looking sit he's got going there!" So I guess I'm just getting that all out of my system.

Perlozzo was a little jumpy with the bullpen. I think leaving guys out there is an overrated problem. I think jumping to change the reliever every batter is an overrated solution. Mazzilli's bigger problem was relying on the wrong guys for the wrong things.

But whatever, get the outs. Get the win. If it works, I'm not going to argue.

The win made sitting through Rex Hudler that long almost tolerable. Almost.