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Surprise, Surprise: O's lose again

I, personally, took the night off from the game to watch six episodes of the fifth season of The Sopranos. So far I'm finding it to be the worst season, which is not to say I'm not enjoying it, but I was finding it hard to adjust to so many new characters. At the midway point it's started to settle down and I'm getting into it. You'd think they'd pay attention to Junior more after he had one crucial episode. Robert Loggia and Steve Buscemi were both excellent additions to the cast. Anyway I'm only halfway through the season, so don't spoil anything for me.

And I see we lost. Again. On the plus side, we did have a lead at one point! Then gave up six runs. Bedard's looking human. Mazzilli's looking like a guy that's not going to keep his job very much longer. When a team just flat-out dies like this, heads roll. You can't expect any less. I think there's maybe a 2% chance of him being back next season, which would have to be led by some roster-wide demand that ain't gonna happen, and I'm not going to be surprised (or disappointed, frankly) if he's canned before the end of the season can even come.

Can you believe this team is still only five games under .500? 10.5 out though, you can pack up the bags on anything more than finishing the run. And to put it in even fuller perspective, here are the wild card standings:

  1. Oakland 60-47
  2. New York 56-49
  3. Cleveland 57-51
  4. Toronto 55-51
  5. Minnesota 55-52
  6. Texas 53-53
  7. Detroit 51-55
  8. Baltimore 51-56
  9. Seattle 46-60
  10. Tampa Bay 42-66
  11. Kansas City 38-69
I think Detroit would be the cutoff point for teams that have basically folded.

Also: Rafael Palmeiro is going to be investigated by Congress for perjury. That will be almost impossible for them to prove, but jeez, Raffy. Good luck.