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Gameday Thread: O's at Rangers, 08/05

     Bruce Chen, LH                  C.J. Wilson, LH
     (7-6, 4.31)                     (0-3, 7.91)

Game time is 8:05 on WJZ and FSN Southwest.

I'm not going to kid you with this one: I have no idea who C.J. Wilson is except that he's 24, a rookie, was drafted in 2001 in the fifth round, and went to Loyola Marymount. He's been bombed in his first seven big league appearances, four of them starts.

Chen is 28, not a rookie, was never drafted, and went to the Institute of Panama. These men have nothing in common other than being left-handed and struggling badly of late.  His last two starts have been atrocious, including getting bombed by Texas in his last (July 27). He worked out of the pen twice since then, one of the times another disaster. Chen's basically in sink-or-swim mode the rest of the year as far as his future as a real big league starter goes. He's finally gotten his chance, and it started well enough, but his fall back down the hill is sort of Josh Towers-esque.