Palmeiro gone for good?

Each week, here in Memphis, Gordon Eades, of the Boston Globe, does a fifteen minute segment in which he discusses what is happening in the world of baseball. So this morning's segment dealt with the fact that Palmeiro will pobably be released, by the Orioles, because of his recent suspension for the use of steriods. Gordon's reasoning is that because the Orioles have dropped out of the race that fans are looking for a lighting rod to ttee off on and Raphy would be it. From Eades stand point the Orioles can't afford to bring him back because they are already mired in bad karma. Gordon went on to say that Beattie and Flanigan are the next in line to be fired. Now all of this could be a rumor but Eades stated that when the Orioles were asked for a comment, all he received was a "No Comment". I thought this was interesting stuff.

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