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Gameday Thread: Rays at O's, 08/09

     Scott Kazmir, LH                Erik Bedard, LH
     (6-7, 4.22)                     (5-4, 2.96)

Played golf today. Shot a something or other. Front nine was good, back nine was a different story, which is how the end result is "something or other." Long story short, I ended up stranded far from home and walking miles of lakeside hills in non-walking shoes, carrying golf clubs. I think I might take a thirty-year nap.


Game time is 7:05 on CSN.

Since returning from the DL, Bedard's ERA has gone from 2.08 to 2.96 over four starts. The first two were solid, but the last two have seen him struggle some with his control, and last time out he was positively hammered by the Angels, but I guess that'll happen.

The thing about it is, Bedard had been positively on fire from April 23, after the Tigers beat him up on April 18. So his slip back to being a human being is only natural. Really, Bedard has only had the two bad starts, and other than that has been sensational.

For a 21-year old, Kazmir is having quite a season. His control isn't what it could be, but that will come with time as he learns to pitch, which he is still doing. He handled the O's when Tampa Bay swept at home.