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New Poll: Beards

Beards, I believe, are cool. They show character. Individuality. Non-Yankeeness.

I want to find out who has baseball's best beard. If you know folks that aren't O's fans or just don't visit this site, tell them to drop by and vote. I seriously want to decide on this.

I selected seven beards to choose from, but have also included an other option because I'm sure there are good beards I haven't really noticed or just didn't include. Some of these guys don't have beards all the time, and might not have one now, but that's not really the point. We know what they look like with beards. Beards are shaven for reasons like going 0-for-4 and such, it's a flighty thing. I don't want to disqualify a good beard like Lance Berkman's simply because he shaved for whatever reason he had.

Personally, I'm going with Matt Morris. That is some serious beardage. I think Damon is a cliche pick because he's wacky Johnny Damon of the Boston Red Sox, fun fun fun, and I think Halladay's beard is frankly more than a little embarrassing, but he's a big star. Nick Johnson has a quality beard. But none of them match the beard of Matt Morris, in my opinion.

I am pretty sure I have typed the word "beard" more in this entry than I ever have in the rest of my life combined.

And yes, this is the stupidest entry ever.