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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, 09/19

     Erik Bedard, LH                Chien-Ming Wang, RH
     (6-7, 3.82)                    (7-4, 4.18)

Game time is 7:05 WNUV and YES.

Last time the O's saw the Yankees, it was a two-game series where New York scored 25 runs and, to me, let it be known that they weren't quite dead. Since then, the fortunes of the two teams have been quite different. New York has played pretty good ball, Baltimore has come unglued.

Bedard's season had so much promise, then he was hurt, and now he's just not pitching very well.

Wang returned from the DL on September 8 against Tampa Bay, and pitched against them again on the 14th. He wasn't too effective in either start, though he got the win in the last one. He's really not that good of a pitcher, but to hear some Yankee crazies talk you'd think the guy was the future of the rotation. Wang, for the record, is from Taiwan.

There's not a lot to play for this season, but I think there's still something to be gained (pride, respect, whatever other junk) from beating the Yankees and maybe - just maybe - keeping them from postseason play for the first time since 1993. Let's go O's!