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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, 09/20

     John Maine , RH                Aaron Small, RH
     (2-1, 3.27)                    (8-0, 3.28)

Game time is 7:05 CSN and YES.

Should be interesting to see Maine against the Yankee lineup tonight.

Aaron Small is 34 years old, a journeyman's journeyman, mostly touring the minor leagues with various franchises. He was drafted by the Jays in the 22nd round in 1989, made his major league debut in 1994, pitching two innings of relief for Toronto, giving up five hits, two earned runs, two walks and a homer.

In '95, he pitched 6.1 innings (all relief) for Florida, with a beyond lucky 1.42 ERA (2.05 WHIP). After that, he spent a few years with Oakland. His only full major league season was 1997, when he made 71 appearances for the A's. He was not very good.

In '98, he was a mop-up guy for Oakland (terrible) and then Arizona (much better). He was then out of the majors until 2002, when he threw a third of an inning for Atlanta. In 2004, he was back with the Marlins, posting an 8.27 ERA in seven relief appearances (16.1 IP).

It's 2005 and Aaron Small has started seven games for the New York Yankees that entered the season with a supremely expensive (overpaid) starting rotation. He's made twelve appearances in all. He's 8-0. He's got a 3.28 ERA. 1.21 WHIP. .247 BAA.

No, no one saw Aaron Small coming. Aaron Small's mother didn't even believe this could happen. If he was doing it for any other team, I'd say, "Go ahead then, Aaron Small. Pitch like there's no tomorrow." Because there might not be a tomorrow for Aaron Small. Every game is one more step toward returning to obscurity. Can he hang on tonight? Make it one more solid start? Let's hope not. Kill him, O's.