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Gameday Thread: O's at Yankees, 09/21

     Rodrigo Lopez, RH              Randy Johnson, LH
     (14-10, 4.86)                  (14-8, 4.01)

Game time is 7:05 CSN and YES.

I was hoping for Cabrera/Johnson, but my battle of the giants matchups never happen.

Lopez and Johnson both pitched their team's opening game this year, and on occasion for the rest of the season, they have pitched like aces.

The Big Unit can still dominate, but I'm not scared of him anymore. As far as a full season goes, this has been his worst since 1992, when he was posting lower ERAs but still walking everything with a bat in its hand. Randy Johnson was a mullet-headed, 29-year old Mariner in 1992 that hadn't gained control of his stuff. Since then we've seen him win five Cy Young awards and deserve at least a sixth last season if it weren't for his crap team.

He has given up 30 home runs, which is tied for his career high. If someone can take Johnson deep tonight, we'll have helped Johnson reach a career high/low. That's something to root for.