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Gameday Thread: Red Sox at O's, 09/23

     Bronson Arroyo, RH             Daniel Cabrera, RH
     (13-9, 4.31)                   (10-11, 4.68)

Game time is 7:35 CSN and NESN.

So the O's went ahead and handed New York four wins in embarrassing fashion, and now the Red Sox, a game back in the AL East at least partially thanks to us, get their chance.

The difference is outside of a couple of series early this year, the Yankees have owned Baltimore in recent years, and the Red Sox haven't had the same success. Boston really needs these wins, and though I prefer the Sox to the Yankees, it's sort of like picking between rotten fruit and spoiled milk. So sorry, Sox fans, I can offer no favors. I'd like for us to beat you. Good luck to the Blue Jays against the Yankees, though.

Arroyo and Cabrera are both tall enough that I'll take this as a marginal battle of the giants. Cabrera is 6'7", of course, and Arroyo is 6'5". I remember when I first noticed Arroyo was really tall and lanky. It was last year. Well, I don't remember exactly when, so I guess I only sort of remember.

Go O's.