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O's swept again

Remember earlier in the year, in our pipe dream fantasy world where the Orioles were good, this section of the schedule meant so much? If we could even just stay close, we'd have a real shot here.

Eleven games - three against Boston, eight against New York. Seven of those games are in the books. The O's have lost every single one of them. Not that it matters like it would have if the Orioles hadn't completely fallen to pieces, but it's still troubling.

Even last week, I was trying to root for a big finish by the O's, get them to 82 wins this year. You know what the other side of that is? 90 losses. Is it that hard to believe that the Orioles could go 2-5 from here on out? If they do that or worse, they lose 90 this year.

The Orioles are 70-85. Nothing at all is going right. This series with New York means a lot, though, at least to me. And I'd guess Sox fans and any other Yankee haters that don't want to watch them in the postseason. I still don't think this Yankee team is all that good, and I'd love to have been right about them missing the playoffs, but the other thing is they're kind of clicking right now, and I don't want them in the postseason because hot teams going into October have done very well the last few years. Anaheim, Florida, Boston.

We've got four games to try and salvage anything from the seocnd half of this season. Four games to serve some sort of greater purpose. Even drunk Randy Quaid flew into the mothership.

This is really it. It's all we've got left for this season. Let's go, O's.