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Gameday Thread: Red Sox at O's, 09/25

     David Wells, LH                John Maine, RH
     (13-7, 4.49)                   (2-2, 4.76)

Game time is 1:35 WNUV and NESN.

Shocking news update! Sosa probably isn't going to return this season, says Jim Beattie. No shit, Jim, there are eight games left.

This is the last time the Orioles will play Boston until 2006.

Wells has been Wells this year. He's a "248"-pound slob and a jerk and a Yankee right to the bone. He doesn't walk anyone and he usually does the job for you. Wells was drafted in 1982. I was born in 1982. I have some amount of respect for Wells, but it doesn't mean I like him.

Speaking of comparing when young folk like me were born in comparison to when Wells was drafted, Johnny Maine was born on May 8, 1981 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, so Maine was about a year old when Wells got drafted.

Both of these guys had rough outings in their last start. Wells went two and gave up 10 hits and four runs in a loss to the D-Rays, and Maine was absolutely bombed, shelled, tarred and feathered by the Yankees last Tuesday, going an inning-plus and allowing seven runs (six earned), seeing his ERA shoot from 3.27 to 4.76 in the process. Overall, though, Maine has done a pretty solid job as a late season callup.

Can I be frank? Of course I can, it's my web site. I am damn tired of the Orioles right now. They find new and more creative ways to blow just about every damn game they play, the whole damn Palmeiro disaster has worn me out (though there was a fun Dugout about it), and the games aren't even worth talking about, let alone actually sitting down to watch. It's painful. With eight games to go, I'm getting a little relieved that it's almost over.

Now this is in no way my way of saying I'm not going to continue on, because I most certainly am. But I'm just ready for this part of it all to be over. Get this dump of a season completed and let's move on. Let's wave goodbye (with a particular finger) to the Palmeiros of the world, and give a friendlier goodbye to the Sosas of the world - whatever you want to say about Sammy's pathetic so-called production this season is fine, but he did work hard.

Isn't it interesting that with Boston and New York tied again, the last six games the O's have played against those teams have pretty much meant nothing? We haven't directly hurt anyone's chances at all!